Terms of Service

By joining this website you are agreeing to the terms and conditions about to be stated in this agreement.



Your username and password are case sensitive. They are assigned randomly by script and are not able to be changed or modified.

Your username and password is intended for your personal use ONLY. Allowing anyone to use your username/password will automatically result in the cancellation of your membership and you will be banned and reported to CCBill which may result in being blocked from joining future sites CCbill.

You will NEVER be asked to provide your password to us. Do not give your password to anyone, no exceptions. CCbill or myself (James or JD) might ask for your username to confirm information but you'll never be asked for your password. The models themselves do not have access to this information, so if someone contacts you claiming to be one of the models within our network, and that person asks you for your username/pass to confirm you are a member, that is a scammer trying to fool you and odds are, you just gave away your account. Treat your user/pass with the same security you would your email password. NOBODY GETS IT, EVER.


We do not allow VPN usage within our network. We must be able to verify the person that created the account is the person using the account. While we understand the reason for VPN use, we cannot allow it to be used in conjunction with our services/services.


If you sign up with any misleading or false information not matching your credit card statement, you will be banned. This includes a false name, false address, false city, false zip or postal code, false country, etc. We do not send mail to anyone, ever so there is no need to lie when signing up. Remember, if you are using your credit card with false information, you are potentially committing credit card fraud and it will be reported.


The daily data limit is 30000 Megabytes (30GB), network-wide. This includes all content streamed or downloaded as with any data plan. If you go over this daily limit your membership will be suspended for 24 hours. If you download 30 gigs per day for several days in a week or your usage looks like a pattern of site ripping, we reserve the right to terminate your membership for site ripping or suspend you for a longer term than 24 hours without warning. If you are caught site ripping/mass downloading or sharing your password, your membership will be terminated and depending on the situation, you may be reported to CCBill where at their discretion, they may choose to ban you from all future ccbill protected sites.

If we see a pattern where a customer is mass downloading a large amount of data daily, but staying just under the daily 30000 megabytes (30GB) limiter (at 20-25-28gig daily), we reserve the right to impose suspension or termination of an account without warning.

All networks watch their users and impose limits on them after they have passed set points created by the network webmaster/s. Some networks throttle you or slow you down so you're no longer able to download 6 items at once, or 4 items at once. Now you're at 2 items, or with some, 1 item at a time. Some wait until you have downloaded more than 10 gigs daily before doing this, others impose it right away depending on your downloading patterns.

BellaPass was created differently. We won't slow you down, or throttle you. We like speed too, but if you abuse the server by hitting the limiter and you do this over and over, you are now slowing down other members that are not abusing the server. Less than 1% of our user base hits this limiter and is suspended for 24 hours. Those that do hit it, generally slow down and stop going crazy downloading. We love that you love our content, but yes, if you abuse the network, the system removes you and there is no option for refund. If you value your membership, please do not mass download. Hit the limiter 2 or 3 times per week if you're going crazy downloading but don't do this week after week. The server will step in and remove you if it appears you are site ripping us.


We do not allow download programs, scripts or browser plugins of any kind to download from our sites. This causes massive server usage, it slows down other members and costs well above your membership in bandwidth. If you are found using a script or download program, your membership will be terminated. There are no exceptions to this rule.


All memberships will automatically renew upon expiration of your current term unless you cancel your subscription a minimum of 3 days prior to the end of your term.

To cancel your membership, please go to https://support.ccbill.com

If you somehow get your account suspended for misuse, sharing your user/pass or mass downloading, you are still responsible to cancel your own membership.

Emailing us does not cancel your membership. Please ensure you go to the link above and cancel yourself as needed.


All content including candid images, photos, webcam archives, and videos are the sole property of BellaPass and is not authorized for third-party distribution. If you are found posting, sharing or selling our content, you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law under copyright and trademark law where applicable.


We reserve the right to refuse membership to any individual or business and the right to cancel any membership without prior warning. It is the individual and/or members responsibility to refer to this agreement for changes made within. Upon submission of the payment process join form the individual shall then be deemed as a "member" and has also agreed to these terms and conditions.This agreement is bound by the laws of Canada and The United States of America. These terms and conditions can be changed at any given time and changes are at the sole decision of the owners of BellaPass Network and all sites found within.